the Guide of clairvoyance

I thank the Guide of clairvoyance of having invited me to their selection 2018 alongside professionals already known in the universe of clairvoyance and mediumship.

Who am I?

I am simple, available, and always listening. This gift of medium was given to me as a result of a coma for 40 days at my birth.


In this topic, I want you to share videos, music, items that affect me, and that will make us meditate on the meaning that we give to our life...     More...


Find in this section all my predictions.

Guestbook - testimonials

Thanks for all your comments.
Feel free to share your experiences, they will enable those who do not know me to understand how mediumship can help you in the tests, or questions we can get...


This blog is dedicated to your stories about life after death, the missing messages, do not hesitate to share your experience on this topic.


How to make an appointment?

La prise de rendez-vous se fait uniquement par téléphone, la demande étant très importante, je ne donne plus de rendez-vous par mail.
Appelez-moi sur le portable au 06 21 79 60 38 ou sur le fixe au 09 86 45 07 00, appel non surtaxé.
Je vous remercie de votre compréhension.

How to check?

Home or by telephone.

I always starts with your past because you only know him and had lived it.

Then I turn the present situation, in order to make the point with you on your current life.

Finally I end up your future, to guide you and lead you in the decisions to be taken.

We still have free will, you make the right choices, I'm here only to help you do the rest.

I have no support, just to hear your voice.

You can view my guestbook or follow me on my facebook, in order to get an idea on my donation.

Credit card

Tarification :

60 euros 
la consultation

La durée de la consultation n'est pas fixe, elle peut être variable en fonction des questions posées, l'objectif est de répondre à vos intérrogations, seul le tarif est fixe.

Le règlement peut se faire à la prise de rendez-vous ou juste avant la consulation.